Survey and restoration of details of the distributive mechanism


  1. Check whether there are no zadir on necks of the camshaft and measure them by a micrometer in several places for detection of conicity or ovality.
  2. Examine the surfaces of bearings in racks and casings — whether there are no wear tracks in the form of grooves or zadir on them.
  3. Where the defects stated above were found, replace the camshaft and its racks or a casing.
  4. Replace the camshaft if ledges of cams are excessively worn-out, with simultaneous replacement of pushers of cams.
  5. Examine an asterisk (asterisks) of the camshaft, an asterisk of a bent shaft, an intermediate shaft and its asterisk, gear wheels of the drive of distribution and the oil pump and replace them in case of excessive wear.
  6. Wash out a camshaft chain kerosene and check it for wear. Put support under both ends of a chain that rollers reached vertical position. The worn-out chain will strongly sag while not worn-out only slightly will cave in in the middle.
  7. Check a natyazhitel and the direction of a chain for wear and replace them if it is necessary.
  8. Check whether inlet openings of oil tubes of the camshaft got littered, and on the engine M 110 check the leading gear wheels of the drive of the distributor for wear.