Installation of a bent shaft and its bearings

Press fitting of a back epiploon of a bent shaft in a case before otrezky

The bent shaft installed in the back radical bearing (the back epiploon is specified by an arrow)

Free installation of a distributive chain on a bent shaft

Check of centering of an intermediate disk


  1. Put the top half of a back epiploon of a bent shaft in a case flute. After installation the ends of an epiploon have to act on 0,5 mm. Insert an epiploon by means of the oiled handle of the hammer and cut off it at a necessary size.
  2. Carefully clear seats of inserts of radical bearings, necks of a bent shaft and back surfaces of inserts.
  3. Put the top inserts of radical bearings in a case and oil them.
  4. Lower a bent shaft on inserts of bearings.
  5. Insert the lower inserts of radical bearings into their covers and oil them.
  6. Put covers of radical bearings, insert their bolts. Make sure that the adjusting bolt of the oil pump is on a forward cover.
  7. Slightly tighten all bolts of covers of radical bearings, then tighten them consistently and finally till the determined moment.
  8. Track that the bent shaft rotated freely and that its shift did not go beyond the set limits.
  9. Put an arm of the mechanism of distribution to the block of cylinders, put the reducing valve of the lubrication system and tighten traffic jams.
  10. Establish freely the camshaft purpose on a bent shaft, track that the segment spline was in the flute, and, tapping, establish a distribution mechanism asterisk so that it was possible to put on a chain it. If the asterisk was removed hardly, heat it before installation to 80 °C.
  11. Establish an intermediate plate on a back part of the block of cylinders, insert and slightly tighten bolts. Using the dial measuring device, check centering of a plate on cranked to a shaft, and then finally tighten bolts.
  12. Establish a flywheel (drive plate), a forward epiploon of a bent shaft, an asterisk (asterisks) of the camshaft (shaft) and pistons.