Installation of rods and bearings


  1. Clear beds of inserts and a cover of bearings of a big head of a rod, channels and nests in rods.
  2. Establish inserts of bearings in rods and their covers, having implanted uvulas into cuts, previously plentifully having oiled them.
  3. Oil mirrors of cylinders engine.
  4. Put the device for compression of rings on the piston of the 1st cylinder, then insert the piston and a rod into the 1st cylinder. Bring the 1st conrod neck into extreme lower situation, carefully enter the piston into the cylinder by means of the hammer handle, at the same time directing a rod to his neck. Track that the arrow on the bottom of the piston was turned to a forward part of the engine.
  5. Oil a conrod neck of a bent shaft, then establish the corresponding cover of the conrod bearing and tighten nuts. Check free rotation of a bent shaft.
  6. Install the piston in VMT and, using a caliper with the nonius, measure distance between the bottom of the piston and the top surface of a head of the block. It has to conform to technical requirements.
  7. Repeat on other pistons of operation, stated above.
  8. Establish the lower half of a back epiploon of a bent shaft in a flute on a casing of the oil pallet. After installation the ends of an epiploon have to act on 0,5 mm. Press an epiploon the handle of the hammer oiled and cut off it.
  9. Clear the interfaced surfaces of a casing of the pallet and a case, and grease them with sealing paste.
  10. Establish a pallet casing on a case, insert and tighten bolts.
  11. Establish an arm of the generator and tighten bolts.
  12. Grease with sealing paste an oil return tube, a tube of the oil probe and establish them in a pallet casing.
  13. Install the oil pump, a forward epiploon of a bent shaft and a head of the block of cylinders.