2.9.17. Assembly of a head of cylinders


  1. Grease a carving, then implant a spherical finger of a pusher into a head of cylinders and tighten it.
  2. Establish the lower saddles of springs and epiploons over the directing plugs of valves. On the engine M 110 both inlet, and final valves are supplied with spring epiploons whereas on the engine M 123 final valves have rigid epiploons.
  3. Grease epiploons of cores of valves and their napressuyta on the directing plugs.
  4. Grease cores of valves and insert valves into the corresponding plugs.
  5. Serially put a valvate spring (springs) and its plate on valves, squeeze a spring (springs) special adaptation and insert cutting crackers. Remove adaptation. Knock on the end of a valvate core with the wooden hammer to put into place crackers.
  6. Establish press overlays for the top part of valves.