Discharge from the cooling system

It is recommended to merge cooling liquid from the cooled-down engine. If it is impossible, put a piece of dense matter on a jellied stopper of a radiator or a broad tank (depending on a design), slowly turn a stopper to the first stop and dump pressure. Pressure decrease can lead to boiling of cooling liquid therefore take precautionary measures in order to avoid burns at emission of hot steam. Turn a stopper to the second stop and remove it.


  1. Put suitable capacity under a radiator.
  2. Turn the heater regulator in the provision of supply of hot air.
  3. By means of the screw-driver turn off a drain stopper at the bottom of a radiator and merge cooling liquid. Put and tighten a stopper after full discharge of liquid.
  4. Put capacity under the right side of the block of cylinders, turn off a stopper and merge liquid from the block. Put a stopper into place.