Washing of the cooling system

Eventually water canals of a radiator and the engine are narrowed or are even completely filled with a scum or deposits that reduces system effectiveness of cooling. In this case cooling liquid gains dark rusty color and washing of all system is required. At a strong contamination washing with a countercurrent can be required.


  1. Disconnect the top hose from a radiator, then insert a water hose and wash out a radiator the circulating stream until the water following from a spuskny opening becomes pure and transparent. For the best washing disconnect the lower hose from a radiator.
  2. At a strong contamination of system it should be washed out a countercurrent. For this purpose remove a radiator, turn it and insert a hose into its outlet. Wash out until the water following from a jellied opening does not become pure.
  3. The engine should be washed out too. For this purpose remove the thermostat. Insert a hose into the water canal conducting from a thermostat casing in a head of cylinders and continue washing until the water following from a spuskny stopper of the block of cylinders and from the lower hose does not become pure. Also disconnect and wash out the hoses conducting to the carburetor or an inlet collector (depending on a design).
  4. Chemical cleaners should be applied only as a last resort. Regular replacement of cooling liquid prevents pollution of system.