Removal, survey, cleaning and installation of a radiator


  1. Merge liquid from the cooling system, but if its full replacement is not supposed, do not merge it from the block of cylinders.
  2. Remove two brackets and a casing of the fan from the back party of a radiator.
  3. On some models equipped with air conditioning installation turn off air cooler bolts from lateral face of a radiator and fix it on the one hand. On other models it can be necessary completely to remove an air cooler. In all cases the qualified mechanic has to be engaged in the air conditioning system.
  4. Disconnect the top and lower hoses from a radiator.
  5. Remove the top adjusting brackets and take a radiator, lifting it up so that not to damage its tube and not to spill liquid on car body elements.
  6. Clear radiator tubes a soft brush or water from a hose. Wash out a radiator a countercurrent. Examine hoses and collars and replace them if they are damaged or worn-out. Check also lower rubber laying. Examine a jellied stopper and be convinced of the correct landing of the vacuum valve on rubber consolidation.
  7. Establish system details in the sequence, the return to their removal, and fill the cooling system.