Removal and installation of the water pump

The water pump and the fan with the electromagnetic coupling

1 — the electromagnetic coupling
2 — the fan
3 — a pulley
4 — a driving belt
5 — a nave
6 — a shaft and bearings
7 — a casing
8 — the sliding ring consolidations

9 — a lock ring
10 — a pro-masonry ring
11 — a krylchatka
12 — laying
13 — a casing
14 — a pump housing
15 — laying


  1. Merge liquid from the cooling system.
  2. On engines with the magnetic coupling of the drive of the fan remove a radiator.
  3. Weaken adjusting and adjusting bolts of the generator, shift it to the engine and release a driving belt on pulleys. If the belt of the generator needs to be taken off completely on models with the hydraulic booster of steering, the air conditioning system (compressor), at first it is necessary to take off belts of the corresponding units.
  4. On models with the magnetic coupling of the fan block the pump and turn off the central bolt, then remove the fan and turn out pulley bolts from the water pump. Block a pulley by means of the screw-driver inserted between the central shaft and a head of one of bolts.
  5. On models with the viscous coupling of the drive of the fan turn off bolts and remove the fan and a pulley from the water pump.
  6. Turn off bolts and take the water pump from a casing on the forward surface of the block of cylinders.
  7. Clear the interfaced surfaces of the water pump and a casing.
  8. Installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal. Put new laying and tighten bolts the specified moment. Fill in liquid in the cooling system and pull a driving belt.