Repair of the water pump

In case of malfunction of the water pump it is the best of all to replace it entirely. However it is possible to be limited to replacement of consolidation and a shaft with the bearing.

Cross-section of the water pump

 a =  25,8 – 26,2  (22,8 – 23,2) mm
 b = 2,0 mm

1 — a shaft and bearings (in the drawing the pump is shown with the electromagnetic fan; the shaft with the fan with the viscous coupling is longer)
2 — a nave
3 — a casing

4 — the sliding ring consolidations
5 — a pro-masonry ring
6 — a lock ring
7 — a krylchatka


  1. Fix the water pump in a piece of a metal pipe, directing a krylchatka up; then, using a drift from soft metal, a vypressuyta a shaft through a krylchatka, and a shaft with bearings through a pump housing. Remove a krylchatka.
  2. Vypressuyte the sliding ring consolidation by means of the drift directed since the external end of the pump.
  3. Remove the central and pro-masonry rings from a krylchatka.
  4. Clear a pump housing and a krylchatka kerosene and wipe dry. Keep in mind that the shaft and bearings together with a nave of the fan and sealing details have to be replaced with new surely.
  5. Fix a pump housing with the krylchatka directed down then put a mandrel (a piece of a metal pipe) on an external path of swing of the bearing and press a new shaft and the bearing so that the path of swing was level with the end of a koprus.
  6. Put a pump housing with the krylchatka directed up and grease with sealing paste a nest of ring consolidation in the case.
  7. By means of a mandrel (a metal tube) press ring consolidation at right angle in the case.
  8. Put a new pro-masonry ring on a persistent ring. Then grease a pro-masonry ring with paste for the brake cylinder and press a ring in a krylchatka the slanted party forward.
  9. Clear a shaft, a nest in a krylchatka and sealing surfaces, then put a shaft on a support and a napressuyta a krylchatka level with the end of a shaft. Check the and size (see the illustration Cross-section of the Water Pump).
  10. Heat a new nave of the fan to blue color (approximately to 300 °C). Clear a shaft and by means of a two-millimetric metal pro-rate establish a nave. Put a nave on a mandrel (a metal tube), insert a shaft and press it before adjusting laying. Wait until the nave densely captures a shaft, then dip it in sweat and remove a pro-rate.