2.9.8. Replacement of a forward epiploon of a bent shaft


  1. Remove a radiator and the fan of the cooling system. Also take off where it is required, driving belts.
  2. By means of a six-sided internal face key turn out bolts of a pulley and a damper of tortional fluctuations from a forward flange of a bent shaft.
  3. Hold a bent shaft from a provorachivaniye, remove a starter, having inserted the screw-driver with a wide edge into a gear wreath of a flywheel. If the flywheel (drive plate) is already removed, insert two bolts back into a bent shaft and act with the lever.
  4. Turn off a bolt of a forward flange of a bent shaft and remove special washers.
  5. Combine tags on a flange (a balancing disk) and cranked to a shaft and remove a stripper a flange. Remove adjusting pins.
  6. Take an epiploon by means of the screw-driver.
  7. If it is necessary, take out a pro-rate and replace it new.
  8. Clear a cavity of an epiploon and establish a pro-rate into place, slightly tapping on it.
  9. Grease slightly an epiploon zakraina, then establish it aflush in a nest by means of a metal mandrel.
  10. Establish a flange on a bent shaft and, slightly tapping, the adjusting fixing pins.
  11. Put special washers on a flange bolt, directing their concave surfaces to a head, then insert and tighten a bolt the required moment.
  12. Establish a damper of tortional fluctuations, a pulley and tighten bolts.
  13. Establish driving belts, a radiator and the fan of the cooling system.