4.2. Removal and installation of the transmission

For simplification of further installation it is necessary to include the first transfer. The transmission can be removed as a part of the power unit or separately through a car bottom.


Speedometer reducer detachment


  1. Expose the car on an emphasis over a viewing hole or on a platform.
  2. Disconnect the minus plug from the accumulator.
  3. Disconnect adjusting draft (roller).
  4. Disconnect final system.
  5. Disconnect draft of management of a butterfly valve from the carburetor.
  6. Unload from below the transmission a wooden support.
  7. Release a pillow of fastening of the engine around a back cover of KP.
  8. Disconnect a cross support of the engine from a body floor.
  9. Disconnect an arm of fastening of final system (having noted an installation site of washers).
  10. Weaken nuts of fastening of the driveshaft.
  11. Weaken bolts of fastening of the intermediate bearing of the driveshaft (not to turn out).
  12. Disconnect the driveshaft from the transmission, laying remains on a shaft.
  13. Remove against the stop the driveshaft back.
  14. Disconnect a reducer of a speedometer and take out a shaft from a fastening bracket.
  15. Remove the working cylinder of coupling, together with the pipeline take aside and fix on the car that it was not stirred.
  16. Remove a starter.
  17. Disconnect drafts from the gear shifting mechanism.

    The mass of the transmission is considerable. Work with an insurance and not less than two people.

  18. Turn off all bolts of fastening of the transmission (two top bolts turn off in the last turn).
  19. Shift the transmission from adjusting pins in the axial direction.
  20. Lower the transmission down, having convinced that the main shaft left a clutch plate.


Installation of the transmission is carried out in the return sequence.


  1. Before installation check coupling.
  2. Grease the leading shaft and the aligning pins with a thin layer of jellied lubricant on a molybdenic basis (Liqui Moly type).
  3. Install the transmission.
  4. Check a condition of the elastic coupling of the driveshaft for existence of cracks, damaged replace.
  5. Check oil level in the transmission.
  6. Pump over the coupling drive if it is necessary
  7. Remove the car from supports.
  8. Connect the minus plug to the accumulator.