4.3.2. Dismantling of primary and intermediate shaft

Details primary (And) and intermediate (B) of shaft of 4-staged KP

1 — a spring ring
2 — a compensation washer
3 — the ball-bearing
4 — a spring ring
5 — laying
6 — a maslootrazhatel
7 — a main shaft
8 — the needle bearing
48 — a nut with a longitudinal cut (or six-sided)
49 — a compensation washer
50 — the radial ball-bearing

51 — an expansion washer of an intermediate shaft
52 — a kosozuby wheel of continuous gearing
53 — a kosozuby wheel of an intermediate shaft (for the III transfer)
54 — an intermediate shaft
55 — a prismatic spline
57 — the radial ball-bearing
58 — a cogwheel of a backing of an intermediate shaft
62 — a nut with a longitudinal cut (or six-sided)


  1. Remove the bearing from a main shaft and carry out its fault detection, if necessary replace it. Establish on a detail shaft as it should be, the return to removal. Tighten a nut (if it is provided by a design).
  2. Remove the conic bearing (if it is provided) from the forward end of an intermediate shaft.
  3. Fix an intermediate shaft for a gear wheel of the III transfer (the biggest gear wheel has to be from above). Pull out a shaft the movement down and remove a prismatic spline.
  4. Wash out all details in solvent (kerosene) and dry. Carry out fault detection and replace worn-out details new.
  5. Carry out assembly in the return sequence and be convinced that corbels of gear wheels were turned to each other.