5.2. Replacement of oil and oil filter, check of level of oil

Details of a case of automatic KP

1 — a case of the transmission and transformer
2 — an oil case
3 — laying of an oil case
4 — a back cover
5 — a forward cover
6 — the case of the forward pump
7 — a protective cover of the centrifugal regulator

8 — a pipe of the oil probe
9 — a drain stopper
10 — sealing laying
11 — an epiploon
12 — a lock ring
13 — sealing rings

Oil discharge

Location of a drain stopper

Location of bolts of fastening of an oil filter


  1. Put the car on the elevator.
  2. Having turned off a drain stopper of an oil case, merge the fulfilled oil.
  3. Remove a cap on a transmission case in a torque transformer zone.
  4. Turn a bent shaft so that the drain stopper of the transformer appeared opposite to a transmission case opening then turn off a stopper.
  5. Remove an oil case, having turned off six bolts of its fastening.
  6. Remove an oil filter, having unscrewed three screws of fastening with crosswise shliyets.
  7. Establish a new oil filter then put into place an oil case.
  8. After final discharge of oil wrap drain traffic jams of an oil case and the transformer.
  9. Lower the car.

Filling with oil


  1. Insert a funnel into a pipe of the oil probe and fill in about 5 l of ATF oil in a transmission case.
  2. Start the engine, put the selector lever in position "P" then slowly add oil up to the set volume.
  3. Put consistently the lever of the selector of transfers to all provisions idling of the engine.

Check of level of oil

Level of oil depends on temperature. Tags of "mini" and "maxi" on the probe correspond to measurement of level of oil at 80 °C, i.e. on the heated-up engine. When checking level of oil at 20 — 30 °C it has to be 10 — 12 mm higher than a tag of "mini" on the probe.
If the level of oil is higher than a tag of "maxi", surely merge surplus of oil.