5.3. Removal and installation of automatic KP

Details of the drive of management of automatic KP

1 — the selector lever handle
2 — a selector lever hinge fork
3 — the hinge case
4 — the drive lever
5 — drafts of the choice of transfers
6 — the case of the switch of blocking of a starter

7 — the gear sector of the blocking device
8 — draft of management
9 — the vacuum modulator
10 — a vacuum hose
11 — the hydraulic block
12 — draft of pedal inclusion of the lowest transfer



  1. Put the car on the elevator.
  2. Disconnect wires from the rechargeable battery.
  3. Remove from a head of cylinders an arm of fastening of a pipe of the index of level of oil in automatic KP.
  4. Disconnect draft of the operating pressure.
  5. Merge oil from automatic KP, having turned off drain traffic jams of an oil case and the transformer.
  6. Remove the hatch of access to a bolt of fastening of the leading flange of the transformer then turn off six bolts of fastening of the transformer.
  7. Remove a back arm of a suspension bracket of automatic KP with a support.
  8. Depending on a complete set disconnect a wire from the sensor of concentration of oxygen and disconnect it from the driveshaft tunnel.
  9. Having removed a fastening step-ladder, disconnect an arm of fastening of a reception pipe of mufflers from the transmission (apply tags on washers) and from a reception pipe.
  10. Remove the elastic coupling of a flange of an output shaft of the transmission.
  11. For simplification of removal of the transmission disconnect a back part of a reception pipe and enshrine it in the lower provision by a wire.
  12. Remove a heat-shielding guard from below of an intermediate support of the driveshaft.
  13. Turn off a lock nut of a flange of the driveshaft.
  14. Give as far as possible back a forward part of the driveshaft and fix it as above in the tunnel is possible.
  15. Disconnect a wire of power supply from the electromagnetic valve of pedal inclusion of the lowest transfer.
  16. Disconnect a flexible shaft of the drive of a speedometer from a back cover of the transmission and take out it from a fixing bracket or disconnect wires from the sensor of an electronic speedometer.
  17. Working from salon, disconnect draft of the choice of transfers.
  18. On cars with converter of the fulfilled gases disconnect the socket of increase in speed of gear shifting.
  19. Disconnect sockets of blocking of a starter and a vacuum hose.
  20. Having turned off bolts of the lower arm of fastening, take out an oil-filling pipe.
  21. Disconnect hoses of the water oil heat exchanger from the transmission and remove their collars of fastening.
  22. Put a jack under a transmission case.
  23. Turn off all bolts of fastening of a case of the transmission to the block of the engine and disconnect a mass wire.
  24. Stop the transformer in a casing, having wrapped instead of a drain stopper a bolt so that it entered an opening of ventilating grates.
  25. Remove the transmission, having given it for separation with the engine back.


Installation of the transmission does not present difficulty and is carried out as it should be, the return to removal, taking into account the following:


  1. Tighten threaded connections the set moment.
  2. Adjust draft of the operating pressure and draft of the choice of transfers.
  3. Fill in in the transmission oil to normal level.