5.4.1. Removal and installation of the transformer

Kinematic scheme of automatic transmission

1 — a pump wheel of the hydrotransformer
2 — a turbine wheel of the hydrotransformer
3 — the hydrotransformer stator
4 — the coupling of a free wheeling of the hydrotransformer
5 — a main shaft
6 — a stator shaft
10 — a tape brake of B1
12 — planetary transfer
15 — a tape brake of B2

18 — reverse planetary gear
20 — an output shaft
28 — K2 clutch coupling
29 — the coupling of a free wheeling of inclusion of coupling F1
30 — a multidisk brake of VZ
31 — K1 clutch coupling

Entrance shaft of the transmission

1 — a shaft of the forward pump
2 — a transformer turbine shaft

Removal and installation of the transformer

For removal and installation of the transformer it is necessary to remove the transmission and to merge from it oil.



  1. Put the transmission in vertical position on the stand and remove draft of the choice of transfers.
  2. Insert a key through a ventilating grate of the transformer on a case of the transmission and remove a plastic lock pin of the transformer, having turned it to the left on 1/4 turns.
  3. Install    handles 126 589 01 62 00 on the transformer and remove it.

Check of technical condition


  1. If oil of the transmission burned slightly or contains cuff particles, wash out the transformer and pipelines of the water oil heater and the heat exchanger.
  2. At detection of metal shaving in an oil case of the transmission replace the transformer as washing did not possible to eliminate completely shaving which can become the transmission exit reason out of operation.



  1. Grease the leading flange.
  2. Carefully enter the transformer into a case, turning it alternately to the left-to the right for the correct gearing of gear wreaths.
  3. Remove handles 126 589 01 62 00.
  4. Put a lock pin of the transformer and turn it to the right on 1/4 turns for blocking of the transformer.
  5. Installation of the transformer is complete after that and before installation of the transmission on the car it is required to put it in the correct position.
  6. For this purpose turn the transformer so that one of plates with carving openings on its interfaced surface was below.
  7. Apply a thin film of lubricant on the aligning neck of the converter and before connection of the transmission with the engine attach draft of the choice of transfers.