5.5.5. Check and adjustment of the modulating pressure


Check of pressure

1 — the vacuum regulator of the modulating pressure
2 — the screw of adjustment of the modulating pressure
3 — a depression control nest
4 — the overload switch

5 — a nest of control of the modulating pressure
6 — a nest of control of pressure in the centrifugal regulator
7 — a nest of control of working pressure
8 — draft of the operating pressure


  1. Turn out a stopper 5 and connect the oil pressure manometer.
  2. Disconnect a hose from the vacuum regulator.
  3. Put the selector lever in position "D" and at a speed of 50 km/h take readings of the manometer.
  4. At an aberration (see the Design and technical characteristics) adjust the modulating pressure.



  1. Remove a cap from the vacuum regulator.
  2. Bring a stopper out of grooves.
  3. Turning the adjusting screw a stopper, establish normal value, and one turn of the adjusting screw changes pressure approximately to 0,4 kg/cm 2.
  4. After adjustment insert a stopper into grooves and put on a cap the vacuum regulator.
  5. Check value of the modulating pressure and, if necessary, normalize it.
  6. Attach a hose to the vacuum regulator.