6.2.1. Removal and installation

Cross-section of the central bearing of the leading shaft

1 — forward section of a shaft
2 — back section of a shaft
3 — a tightening nut
4 — the rubber plug
5 — a locking ring
6 — a protective cover

7 — the coupling of the suspended bearing
8 — the ball-bearing
9 — a fork
10 — a crosspiece with the needle bearing and the plug
11 — the body bottom
12 — a corridor of the leading shaft

Removal and installation



  1. Lift the car.
  2. Remove the final pipeline.
  3. Turn off bolts of fastening and remove a guard from the body bottom.
  4. Disconnect cables of the parking brake and remove the lever mechanism from the body bottom.
  5. Applying two keys, to weaken on two turns a coupling nut on the forward end of the driveshaft. It will allow to displace in bulk several.
  6. Mark position of the driveshaft and elastic couplings (chalk, paint).
  7. Turn off bolts of fastening of an intermediate support, forward and back flexible couplings from the transmission and the main transfer. Lower an intermediate support on a support (jack).
  8. Record the mutual provision of shlitsevy connections (paint) further to provide balancing of the driveshaft.
  9. Shift the back driveshaft forward and disconnect it from a flange of the main transfer.
  10. Disconnect the forward driveshaft from a flange of the transmission and take out cardan transfer assembled from under the car and put on a support (tarpaulin), without separating driveshafts from each other.


You carry out installation in the return sequence.


  1. Put 6 g of refractory lubricant in the central deepening of each of the aligning plugs.
  2. Insert connecting bolts heads towards an average support and screw new самоконтрящиеся nuts.
  3. Several times turn the leading shaft to remove stress. Check that forward and back parts (sections) did not jam, then tighten a coupling nut the moment 10,0 кгс.м.
  4. Finally tighten bolts of the central bearing.
  5. Establish wheels and lower the car.