6.2.2. Replacement of an intermediate support of the leading shaft


  1. Remove cardan transfer.
  2. Put tags of mutual position of forward and back driveshafts.
  3. Remove the forward driveshaft (the nut is already weakened).
  4. Remove the rubber coupling from shlits.
  5. Remove a lock ring, then remove a protective cover.
  6. Press a rubber support together with the bearing from a fork of the universal hinge. Remove an internal protective cap.
  7. Supporting a rubber support for an internal opening, a vypressuyta by a mandrel the bearing.
  8. Clear an opening of a rubber support, establish it on wooden whetstone and press in it the new bearing, influencing a mandrel only its external ring. Press gradually against the stop in a zaplechik.
  9. Establish into place an internal protective cap.
  10. Clamp in a vice with sponges from soft metal the universal hinge and install on it the bearing with a rubber support so that the V-shaped edge of a support was turned towards the hinge. By means of a mandrel completely to a napressuyta the bearing on a shaft.
  11. Establish a protective cap and fix it by a lock ring which internal crown has to be turned to a cap.
  12. Apply a small amount of lubricant on vents, attach the forward driveshaft on earlier put tags of mutual situation.
  13. Install the rubber coupling on vents.
  14. Establish cardan transfer into place.