6.2.3. Replacement of the elastic coupling and the aligning plugs

Defects of elastic couplings or the aligning plugs can become the reason of the increased noise, losses of lubricant and failure of the car.

Cross-section of the elastic coupling of the leading shaft

1 — the leading shaft
2 — the centering plug
3 — a bolt
4 — the elastic coupling

5 — a washer
6 — a nut
7 — a transmission flange

Installation of the aligning plug


  1. Remove cardan transfer.
  2. At reuse of the elastic coupling put tags of its situation concerning a driveshaft flange.
  3. Having removed bolts, remove the elastic coupling.
  4. Establish cardan transfer to a vice with sponges from soft metal and drill an opening in the perpendicular plane to an axis with a diameter of 10 mm in the aligning plug at distance about 15 mm from its external end face.
  5. Insert a stripper (core) into the received opening, remove the plug from a shaft of cardan transfer.
  6. Clear a shaft pro-point, install vertically new plug on an opening and completely press it by means of a mandrel.
  7. Install the elastic coupling on a flange of cardan transfer, providing coincidence of earlier put tags. Put bolts (heads towards an intermediate support) and screw new самоконтрящиеся nuts, having tightened them the moment 4,5 кгс.м.
  8. Install cardan transfer on the car.

    Do not forget to put 6 g of refractory lubricant in bore of the aligning plug.