6.3.1. Removal and installation of a shaft of the drive of back wheels


  1. Fix the car and lift its back part, remove back wheels.
  2. Merge oil from the back bridge through a drain stopper.
  3. Remove a brake support, without disconnecting a hydraulic system hose, take him aside and fix.
  4. Block a flange of fastening of a wheel, turn off a shaft bolt, remove a special washer and the expansion plug if they are provided.
  5. Press a drive shaft from a nave of a back wheel, using a mandrel from soft metal, and lower on a support.
  6. Put a support under the back bridge (jack), turn off bolts of fastening of a back arm of fastening of the bridge to the body bottom.
  7. Clear knot of dirt, turn off bolts of fastening and remove a back cover together with an arm.
  8. Remove a spring lock ring from a semi-axial gear wheel of differential and extend a shaft of the drive of a back wheel.
  9. "L" (left) and "R" (right) on the internal ends it is impossible to interchange the position of power shafts with tags.
  10. Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.
  11. Fill in oil up to the height of the lower edge.

The axial side play of a shaft is not allowed and regulated by a spring lock ring.