6.3.4. Replacement of an epiploon of the leading gear wheel of the back bridge

Installation of an epiploon of a shaft of the drive of a wheel in a case of the back bridge without covers of bearings

11 — the conic roller bearing
12 — a differential box
26 — a spring lock ring

29 — an epiploon
049a — the device for installation
54 — a case of the back bridge

Kontrovka of a nut of the leading gear wheel of the main transfer

and = 8,0 mm
b = 4,0 mm


  1. Remove cardan transfer and merge oil from a case of the back bridge.
  2. Remove the back bridge.
  3. Define initial torque of slow turn of a gear wheel. For this purpose it is possible to use the cord which is reeled up on a flange axis and a spring dynamometer.
  4. Block a flange a core, having fixed it by the lever inserted between crosspiece bolts and turn off a special key a koronchaty nut of the leading gear wheel.
  5. Remove a flange from shlits of the leading gear wheel, using a stripper.
  6. Take out the screw-driver an epiploon from a case of the back bridge.
  7. Clear an epiploon seat on a flange. In case of big wear of bore for an epiploon replace a flange.
  8. Put a lubricant film on external and the condensing edges of a new epiploon and by means of a mandrel press an epiploon in a case.
  9. Grease vents of the leading gear wheel and establish a flange, screw and gradually tighten a new nut so that the moment of turn of a gear wheel corresponded to the moment measured at the beginning of replacement. Do not draw a nut, but the moment of a final inhaling has to be not less than 18,0 кгс.м.
  10. Zakontrite a nut zachekanky its fillet in a gear wheel cut.
  11. Collect knots in the return sequence.