6.3.6. Replacement of a back arm of a suspension bracket of the back bridge


  1. Expose the car on an emphasis (wedges), lift a back of the car and record it.
  2. Establish a jack cart under a case of the back bridge.
  3. Turn off bolts of fastening of a back arm to the body basis.
  4. Slightly lower a case of the back bridge, and then turn off bolts of fastening of an arm to a case cover.
  5. Clear adjacent surfaces.
  6. Establish a new back arm, put bolts of fastening and evenly tighten them the moment 12,0 кгс.м.
  7. Lift a case a jack, put fastening bolts to a body and tighten the moment 3,2 кгс.м.
  8. Lower the car.