7.10. Removal and installation of auxiliary draft of a forward suspension bracket

Initial installation of auxiliary draft

and = 14,0 mm


  1. Remove the shock-absorber and a spring of a forward suspension bracket.
  2. Record the provision of disks of an internal eccentric bolt of the lower lever of a suspension bracket concerning a cross-piece, then turn off a nut and remove disks and a bolt.
  3. Turn off a bolt of fastening of auxiliary thirst for a body.
  4. Turn off a bolt of fastening of a basic cup of a spring to the lower lever of a suspension bracket.
  5. Record position of auxiliary draft of rather lower lever of a suspension bracket, then turn off and remove a connecting bolt.
  6. Take out the lower lever of a suspension bracket from a cross-piece, turn it forward and remove auxiliary draft.
  7. Carry out fault detection of auxiliary draft. By means of a control (metal) ruler be convinced that draft is not bent.
  8. For replacement of the hinge note at first position of a spherical finger, then weaken a bolt of a collar and turn away a spherical finger and the hinge. Wrap the new hinge in noted situation — at installation and = 14,0 mm.

Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal. At the same time it is not necessary to tighten finally nuts and bolts before full loading of a suspension bracket car weight. In conclusion check the angles of installation of forward wheels, in particular a longitudinal tilt angle of an axis of turn which is regulated by auxiliary draft.