7.2. Removal and installation of springs of a forward suspension bracket

At measurement of provision of a body on height and adjustment of corners of an ustanoska of forward wheels it is necessary to use the special equipment of Mercedes-Benz.


  1. In a motor compartment turn off nuts of fastening of the shock-absorber to the top support of a body and remove a washer and rubber plugs.
  2. Tighten the parking brake, lift a front of the car and substitute an emphasis. Remove wheels.
  3. Squeeze a spring a jack cart, having established it under the lower lever.
  4. Install the device for compression which has to take nine rounds of a spring on a spring.
  5. Squeeze a spring from two parties. For simplification of compression it is possible to use the jack established under the lower lever.
  6. Lower the lever of a suspension bracket and remove a spring from the car together with a rubber pillow of the top fastening.
  7. To turn a rubber pillow to the left and to remove. Establish a spring it is longitudinal between sponges of table vises and gradually weaken a coupling bolt of adaptation
  8. Clear the top and lower support of springs and be convinced that the drain opening in the lower basic cup is not littered.
  9. Carry out fault detection of a pure spring and if it is necessary, replace it with corresponding. It is recommended to change both springs at the same time.
  10. Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal. At the same time it is necessary to be convinced that the lower round of a spring is established in the groove of the lower basic cup provided for it. During an inhaling of nuts of fastening of the shock-absorber the forward suspension bracket has to be loaded with car weight.