7.3. Check, removal and installation of shock-absorbers

Replacement of shock-absorbers is allowed on one if both shock-absorbers of a forward suspension bracket remain same. Shock-absorbers with the dividing piston and without dividing piston can be installed in cars. On shock-absorbers with the dividing piston between gas and oil volumes the rod of the piston is at the top of the shock-absorber, at the same time without dividing piston the rod of the piston is in shock-absorbers from below the assembled shock-absorber.

For bystry check of serviceability of shock-absorbers press a forward corner of a body of the car, release it and count number of fluctuations of a body to a full stop. The body has to rise, then stop at the movement down.


At release of the top fastening of the shock-absorber the car has to stand on the earth as the shock-absorber serves at the same time as the suspension bracket course limiter. It is impossible to rotate a shock-absorber rod at all.

Fastening bolts (are shown by shooters) the shock-absorber to the lower lever

Check of telescopic racks of a forward suspension bracket

Type A and C: and — from 0,0 to 32,0 mm
Type B: and — from 0,0 to 20,2 mm

The shock-absorber with the dividing piston

The shock-absorber without dividing piston


  1. In a motor compartment turn off at first the top nut of fastening of the shock-absorber, and then lower, remove a washer and rubber plugs. At an otvertyvaniye of the top nut hold lower with a key, and at an otvertyvaniye lower hold a rod from turn.
  2. Tighten the parking brake and you will hang out a forward part of the car on supports (support). Remove wheels.
  3. Remove the top details of installation of the shock-absorber from a body.
  4. Turn off bolts of fastening of the shock-absorber to the lower lever of a suspension bracket.
  5. Remove details of fastening and the shock-absorber.
  6. Carry out their fault detection (porosity, cracks of rubber pillows, etc.), if necessary replace.
  7. Squeeze shock-absorber details to an internal emphasis or before emergence of feeling of additional resistance and compare with the sizes in the drawing. If the sizes go beyond the specified limits, replace the shock-absorber.
  8. You make installation as it should be, the return to removal, taking into account the following:
  9. The arm of the lower fastening has to sit densely in the rubber plug. The arm has to hold assembly position that it was possible to establish the fixing bolts.
  10. Not to mix the lower plate with the top plate. In this case during driving the plate can sit down on a safety ring.
  11. In cars with wheels on 15 inches or with firmer suspension bracket and with shock-absorbers with the dividing piston laying 9 mm thick between the buffer and the lower plate in addition is established.
  12. Complete the shock-absorber as it is specified in the drawing.
  13. Insert the shock-absorber and new bolts tighten to the lower cross lever the moment 2,0 кгс.м.