7.4. Removal and installation of a bar of the forward stabilizer of cross stability

Stabilizer bar


  1. Tighten the parking brake, lift a forward part of the car and put a support under the lower levers of a suspension bracket. Remove forward wheels.
  2. Turn off bolts of fastening of both tips of a bar of stabilization. Record a relative positioning of washers and rubber plugs.
  3. Remove the main brake cylinder and the vacuum amplifier (see. Main brake cylinder and Vacuum amplifier of a brake).
  4. If it is necessary, merge cooling liquid, remove hoses of the cooling system of the engine, draft, the vacuum pipeline and the wires interfering access to a stabilizer bar.
  5. Turn off fastening nuts on a partition and remove brackets.
  6. Remove rubber plugs from a stabilizer bar, remove trailer covers from a body.
  7. Remove the stabilizer on the one hand of the car. Remove rubber plugs from both ends of a bar of the stabilizer.
  8. Carry out fault detection of rubber products and replace them in case of need.
  9. You make installation as it should be, the return to removal. At the same time places of a bend of a bar (are marked with an arrow) have to be located as it is specified a photo, and bores of collars have to be located over grooves of rubber plugs.
  10. Do not tighten finally bolts and nuts of fastening until the suspension bracket is loaded with the full weight of the car.