7.5. Removal and installation of a forward suspension bracket assembled


  1. Remove shock-absorbers and springs of a suspension bracket (see Removal and installation of springs of a forward suspension bracket and Check, removal and installation of shock-absorbers).
  2. Turn off a nut of a tip of cross steering draft and by means of a stripper separate a draft tip from a rotary fist.
  3. Disconnect from a brake bracket a flexible brake hose and wires of the sensor of wear of brake slips (see Hoses and pipelines).
  4. Turn off a bolt of fastening of the basic lever to the body bottom.
  5. Substitute a jack cart under a suspension bracket.
  6. Put tags of mutual provision of disks of an internal eccentric bolt of the lower lever of a suspension bracket concerning a cross-piece, then turn off a nut and remove disks and a bolt.
  7. Turn off bolts of fastening of a bar of the stabilizer of cross resistance to the top lever of a suspension bracket. Note the provision of washers and rubber plugs.
  8. In a motor compartment turn off a nut, record situation and a vypressuyta an internal hinged bolt of the top lever of a suspension bracket.
  9. Bring a forward suspension bracket assembled out of the car.
  10. Carry out fault detection of details, pay special attention to rubber products, and in case of need replace them.

Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal. Pay attention to pumping of the brake system and installation of forward wheels, especially their disorder.