8.2. Removal, check and installation of shock-absorbers

At measurement of provision of a body on height and adjustment of angles of installation of back wheels it is necessary to use special adaptation of Mercedes-Benz.



  1. Check shock-absorbers (see. Forward suspension bracket).
  2. Prepare the car: remove a pillow and a back of a back seat, lift a back part and put it on support (supports) substituted under the external ends of levers of a suspension bracket. Enclose wedges under forward wheels.
  3. Uncover the hatch and turn off nuts of fastening of the shock-absorber to the top support. Remove a washer and the rubber plug.
  4. Working under the car, turn off bolts of the lower support and lower the shock-absorber under the suspension bracket lever.
  5. Remove adjusting details from the shock-absorber.
  6. Squeeze the shock-absorber to an internal emphasis or before emergence of feeling of additional resistance and compare to the sizes in the drawing. If the sizes go beyond the specified limits, replace the shock-absorber.

Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.

Check of shock-absorbers

type A: and = 0,0 — 32,0 mm
type B: and = 82,0 — 105 mm
type C: and = 137 — 147 mm