8.5.2. Removal, installation and adjustment of a nave and bearings of a back wheel

Section of a nave of a back wheel

1 — a wheel drive shaft bolt
2 — a washer
3 — the plug

4 — the bearing
5 — the nave case
6 — a nave

Sizes of an adjusting core


  1. Enclose wedges under forward wheels, lift a back part of the car and put it on a support.
  2. Remove a disk of a brake of a back wheel. It is also recommended to remove blocks of the parking brake though it is not obligatory.
  3. Turn off the central bolt of a nave of a back wheel and remove the expansion plug if it is available.
  4. Put forward a nave wheel drive shaft, take him aside and fix.
  5. By means of a small chisel to a raschekanta a kontrovka of a koronchaty nut on the internal end of a nave.
  6. Block a nave by means of the core fixed on it by bolts then turn off a nut a koronchaty key.
  7. Remove a washer and an epiploon.
  8. Press a wheel nave by means of a mandrel or an inertial stripper, remove an internal ring of the bearing and the deformable expansion plug.
  9. Remove an external epiploon from a nave.
  10. Using a drift from soft metal, press external rings of bearings from the nave case.
  11. Remove a ring of the wheel bearing by means of a stripper.
  12. Wash out details kerosene and dry up. Carry out fault detection and replace in case of need. Replace rings and rollers of bearings with traces of excessive wear or a vykrashivaniye. It is impossible to interchange the position of the left and right naves of a wheel since they have a maslosgonny carving. On zaplechik of a nave marking of R is put (right) and L (left).
  13. By means of a mandrel to a napressuyta a ring on a wheel nave. Install by the same way external rings of bearings in the nave case.
  14. Apply a little sealant on an epiploon seat, then a napressuyta a new epiploon by means of wooden whetstone.
  15. Fill refractory lubricant in an internal ring and rollers, and also fill with lubricant an internal cavity of the case of a nave between external rings of bearings.
  16. Install the new deformable expansion plug on a nave of a wheel and insert a flange into the nave case.
  17. Pull an internal ring of the bearing over a nave and easy blows to a mandrel to its napressuyta against the stop in the deformable expansion plug.
  18. Apply a little sealant on a seat of an internal epiploon and press a new epiploon a mandrel.
  19. Put a washer, screw a koronchaty nut and tighten by its effort hands.
  20. Holding a wheel drive flange, tighten a koronchaty nut so that the axial side play was 0,04 — 0,06 mm. At an excessive inhaling of a koronchaty nut it is necessary to replace the deformable expansion plug before continuing adjustment.
  21. Zakontrite a koronchaty nut a zachekanka in two points.
  22. Establish a wheel drive shaft, insert a bolt (and the new expansion plug if it is provided) and tighten it the set moment.
  23. Establish blocks of the parking brake and a brake disk, and then lower the car.