9.2.1. Removal, dismantling and installation of a steering column

Removal of a steering wheel

Face key turn off the lower bolt of fastening of a steering column

Supporting, pull out a steering column


  1. Remove both lower guards of the dashboard.
  2. Remove a steering wheel and a combination of devices.
  3. Disconnect the mechanism of control of the automatic transmission from a steering column (if it is installed there).
  4. Remove the lock of blocking of a steering column.
  5. Turn off a face key a fastening bolt in the lower part of a column.
  6. Turn off nuts of the lower fastening of a column and remove a heater hose arm.
  7. Rasstykuyte I will corrode conductings of the combined switch.
  8. Turn off nuts of the top fastening of a column, carefully lower a column not to damage a corrugated deformable shaft.
  9. For the correct assembly put tags of mutual provision of a pipe and an internal shaft.
  10. Remove the combined switch and the holder's ring.
  11. Remove from the lower end of a steering column:
    • washer, lock ring, spring and ball bearing;
    • a lock ring, a spring, the holder and the bearing (depending on a design and year of release).
  12. Take out a spring lock ring on the top end of an internal shaft, remove a ring and the ball bearing. Take out an internal shaft.
  13. By means of a mandrel press external rings of the bearing from an external pipe of a steering column.
  14. Wash out details (kerosene) and dry them. Carry out fault detection, pay special attention to ball bearings.
  15. At assembly of a steering column with a force press a mandrel a lock ring to a spring and apply a little lubricant on the bearing.
  16. Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.