9.2. Removal and installation of a steering wheel

Here and further it is about the cars which are not equipped with inflatable safety cushions (air-bag).

On release cars since September, 1979 instead of a nut the conical bolt which is replaced with new is established.

Removal of fastening of a steering wheel

50 — a nut
16 — a steering wheel
51 — a steering column
6 — a shaft


  1. To remove up a decorative slip, since the bottom left (right) corner about a nave of a steering wheel (for the release car till August, 1979) or to uncover with a decorative emblem in the center of a slip.
  2. To expose a steering wheel so that the flute (it is specified by an arrow) was directed up.
  3. Put tags of a relative positioning of a steering wheel and a shaft of a column.
  4. Lock the lock of blocking of a steering column and unscrew a face key the screw with a secret head which demands considerable effort.
  5. Turn off a big 6-faced nut.
  6. Remove a steering wheel from shaft shlits.
  7. Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.
  8. The steering wheel drags on a nut the moment 8,0 кгс.м.