9.4. Removal and installation of the lock of blocking of a steering column

For replacement of the faulty lock it is necessary to remove all steering column and to drill the locking finger.

Steering mechanism section

1 — a bipod shaft
2 — an epiploon
3, 7 — the bearing
4 — a case
5 — a washer
6 — a spring lock ring

8 — a cover
9 — a lock nut
10 — the adjusting screw
11 — tubes of a sharikoprovod
12 — a worm
13 — a nut


  1. Remove both lower guards of the dashboard.
  2. Remove the dashboard.
  3. I will corrode Otstykuyte from the ignition lock.
  4. Unbend pads and remove an ignition lock frame from the dashboard.
  5. On models of early release remove a plastic cap.
  6. Remove the lock cylinder, having turned the ignition key in situation "I", then push (insert) a piece of a wire (diameter of 1,25 mm) into a lock cylinder cut, turn off a cap and remove the lock cylinder. Take out a wire, turn a key in situation "0" and take out it. Remove a cap, insert a key and turn in situation "I" and install the lock cylinder in the case, wringing out a clamp. I will corrode Rasstykuyte.
  7. Weaken a bolt of fastening of the lock of blocking of a steering column.
  8. At the ignition key in situation "I" wring out the locking finger the small screw-driver and slightly turn the lock, and then, having turned a key in situation "0", take out a key.
  9. Take out the blocking lock from a steering column.
  10. Insert and turn a key in situation "I", remove the lock of ignition or the cylinder of the lock (depends on a complete set).
  11. Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.