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9.5.3. Check and replacement of hinges of cross steering draft

Spherical hinge


  1. Tighten the parking brake and you will hang out a forward part of the car on support (supports).
  2. Shake hands a forward wheel in both directions. If at the same time the side play is felt, check each spherical hinge for definition worn-out.
  3. Remove a wheel. Take out the forelock and turn off a nut.
  4. Stripper disconnect a tip (hinge) of cross draft from the rotary lever.
  5. Weaken tightening a bolt and turn out a tip (hinge) of cross draft, having remembered (having written down) the made speed necessary for its removal.
  6. Screw a new tip (hinge) of draft and when it reaches the same position, as former, tighten tightening a bolt the moment 2,0 кгс.м.
  7. Check distance between axes of tips (hinges) of cross draft, it has to be 345±2 mm. If necessary achieve this size, rolling or turning out both tips (hinge). Tighten an internal tip on cross draft a bolt of a terminal clip the moment 5,0 кгс.м and you zakontrit a lock-nut the moment 2,0 кгс.м.
  8. Install a draft tip in the rotary lever, tighten a nut the moment 4,1 — 5,0 кгс.м and you zakontrit it the new forelock.
  9. In conclusion check the angles of installation of forward wheels.