9.5. Removal, dismantling and installation of the steering mechanism without hydraulic booster of steering


  1. Expose wheels for the movement strictly directly. Record a steering wheel.
  2. In a motor compartment turn off bolts of the connecting coupling and shift it from the steering mechanism.
  3. Tighten the parking brake, you will hang out a forward part of the car.
  4. Rasshplintuyte also turn off nuts of fastening of longitudinal steering draft and a tip of cross steering thirst for a bipod of the steering mechanism.
  5. Disconnect, using a stripper, longitudinal draft from a bipod.
  6. Note (paint) a relative positioning of a bipod and a shaft of the steering mechanism. Using a stripper, disconnect самоконтрящиеся bipod nuts from the steering mechanism and remove a bipod.
  7. Turn off bolts of fastening and remove from below the steering mechanism.
  8. Wash out the steering mechanism (kerosene) and dry it.
  9. Turn off a lock nut and bolts of a cover, then turn the adjusting screw clockwise, uncovering at the same time and laying. Take out a bipod shaft.
  10. Remove a spring lock ring, turn off a round nut and the regulating ring and remove them. If it is necessary, use a bayonet key.
  11. Remove all knot of the steering mechanism consisting of a worm, a nut and the ball store.
  12. Stripper to a vypressuyta an external ring of the bearing from a case of the steering mechanism.
  13. Remove an epiploon.
  14. Remove internal rings of bearings from a shaft of a worm. If reuse of these bearings is supposed, press them easy blows together with external rings; at installation do not interchange the position of them.
  15. Carry out cleaning and fault detection of details on existence of wear and damages. The worms / nuts / balls hub is replaced assembled.
  16. At the beginning of assembly press an external ring of the top bearing in an adjusting ring.
  17. Heat internal rings of bearings to temperature of 80 °C in hot oil and establish them on a worm.
  18. Establish a ball separator in an external ring of the lower bearing.
  19. Establish a worm and a nut.
  20. Establish a new epiploon on an adjusting ring.
  21. Establish a separator of the top ball bearing on a worm.
  22. Using a piece of a thin-walled plastic pipe as a mandrel, establish it on a shaft of a worm for protection of edges of an epiploon, shift an adjusting ring to the place and wrap it on several turns.
  23. Remove a mandrel and tighten an adjusting ring so that the worm rotated hardly.
  24. Grease a carving of a ring nut with kontrovochny structure for a carving and screw a ring in a case.
  25. Adjust a worm of the steering mechanism. For what tighten an adjusting ring a bayonet key so that to choose an axial side play and to provide easy rotation of a worm. Without changing the provision of an adjusting ring, completely tighten a ring nut. Establish a spring lock ring.
  26. Install the adjusting screw, an expansion washer and a lock ring in bore at an end face of a shaft of the gear sector. The side play between a head of the adjusting screw and bore of a shaft has to be eliminated with selection of a washer.
  27. Establish a shaft of the gear sector in a case of the steering mechanism so that the central tooth of the sector entered the central hollow of a worm.
  28. Establish new laying under a flange of a case of the steering mechanism; establish the top cover, the adjusting screw in a cover opening. Put and, rotating, tighten bolts of fastening of a cover.
  29. Screw a lock nut on the adjusting screw, but do not tighten it.
  30. Put on a protective cover sector shaft vents (it is possible to wind with a tape) and a napressuyta on a shaft an epiploon by means of a mandrel from a metal pipe.
  31. Fill in oil in the steering mechanism.
  32. Expose average position of the steering mechanism, in the center of a jellied opening the central point of a worm is visible (hole). Adjust an axial side play of a shaft of the gear sector.
  33. Reel up a cord on shlitsevy the end of a shaft of the sector and tie to it a dynamometer. Measure the effort necessary for turn of a shaft of the gear sector concerning its average situation. This effort has to make 5,0 — 7,0 kgfs. Rotating the adjusting screw, achieve this size, without changing adjustment, tighten a lock nut (lock-nut).
  34. Establish a jellied stopper.
  35. You make installation as it should be, the return to removal. Pay attention to effort (moment) of tightening of nuts and bolts. Make sure that at turn of steering in extreme situation the bipod or the pendular lever reach an emphasis on a frame cross-piece. If it does not occur, adjust length of a bar of cross steering draft.