9.9. Check and adjustment of angles of installation of forward wheels

The correct size of angles of installation of forward wheels exerts a great influence on quality of controllability and reduces wear of tires. Before their check be convinced that the car is loaded only with a body weight with gas station and the equipment and that air pressure in tires corresponds to set.


  1. Put the car on the horizontal platform, put wheels in position of strictly rectilinear movement, and then roll away the car on 4 — 5 m back and again forward.
  2. By means of the device for check of angles of installation of wheels be convinced that wheels have the positive convergence specified in documentation (0 °15' — 0 °35' or 2,0 — 4,0 mm).
  3. In need of adjustment weaken tightening bolts of both cross steering drafts and turn cross drafts on identical corners before receiving the set angle of installation.
  4. Distances between centers of spherical fingers of both cross drafts have to be equal. Tighten tightening bolts (see Removal and installation of cross and longitudinal steering drafts).

Check of corners of disorder of wheels and longitudinal inclination of an axis of turn demands the special equipment and has to be carried out on HUNDRED. The corner of disorder of forward wheels is regulated by the eccentric bolts located on the internal ends of the lower levers of a suspension bracket. The corner of a longitudinal inclination of an axis of turn is regulated by change of length of a bar of a support of a forward suspension bracket.